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Designabout 2 years ago

Project: Sky UK campus

A challenging timeframe made the new Sky campus grounds an interesting prospect

Designabout 2 years ago

Communicating your designs

David Dodd advises on the paperwork and plans that will ensure a good garden build

Designabout 2 years ago

How to choose a landscape contractor

Landscaper David Dodd advises on picking the right build team

Designabout 2 years ago

On trend: indoor gardens

Interior landscaping offer designers new career possibilities

Designabout 2 years ago

Project: Parco Dora, Turin

Jodie Jones discovers a post-industrial park in Italy

Designabout 2 years ago

Sourcing 3D garden visuals

Get real about design with 3D visualisation artist Samuel North

Designover 2 years ago

Recycling in design

The owners at Rose Cottage, Sussex, wanted designer Juliet Sargeant FSGD to re-use as many materials as possible. Annie Guilfoyle looks at how designers are repurposing recycled and reclaimed...

Designover 2 years ago

Darke’s alternative design approach

Landscape ethicist Rick Darke is promoting conservation-based design

Designover 2 years ago

Join a cluster group & boost your career

Bo Cook explains why it’s good to network with other local garden designers

Designover 2 years ago

Designing water features

Annie Guilfoyle discovers ways to introduce water into gardens