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Designover 3 years ago

Project: Power station park

Jodie Jones explores the transformation of an industrial site into an eco campus

Designabout 4 years ago

New tech for gardens

Annie Guilfoyle looks at technologies for the future of garden making

Designabout 4 years ago

How to make a show garden application

Matt Keightley MSGD offers advice on making a show garden application

Designabout 4 years ago

Reconsidering artificial lawns

Designers should consider a more natural approach than artificial turf, says Cheryl Cummings MSGD

Designabout 4 years ago

How to cost your designs

Sam Hassall gives advice on accurately costing a garden design

Designabout 4 years ago

Garden materials of the future

Annie Guilfoyle looks at developments in materials for forward-thinking designers

Designabout 4 years ago

Stop them copying your designs

Dids Macdonald OBE tells designers how to protect their intellectual property

Designabout 4 years ago

Should we change our approach to aftercare?

Helen Elks-Smith MSGD asks how involved designers should be in garden maintenance

Designabout 4 years ago

Go for the flow

Annie Guilfoyle explores how to direct movement through a garden with design

Designabout 4 years ago

Creating privacy in gardens

Annie Guilfoyle looks at how to create peaceful, private spaces, even in small urban gardens