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Plantingover 6 months ago

The tree hunter

Dr Henrik Sjöman is focused on the future of urban forests

Plantingabout 8 months ago

Lessons from Beth Chatto

Åsa Gregers-Warg explains how they choose and use plants at the famous garden

Plantingabout 8 months ago

Green is good

Ken Thompson explains why people need to engage with green spaces like gardens

Plantingabout 8 months ago

Going to seed

Nina Marshall urges designers to consider using more annuals and biennials in their schemes

Plantingabout 1 year ago

Long-lived planting for public spaces

Friederike Huth has experience creating low-maintenance planting for large-scale projects

Plantingabout 1 year ago

Rainer’s renaissance

Thomas Rainer wants to bring ecological planting to the people

Plantingabout 1 year ago

A guide for choosing trees

Jackie Herald checks out a new way to specify the right trees for projects

Plantingabout 1 year ago

Top roses for garden designers

Michael Marriott suggests top roses for different garden needs and situations

Plantingover 1 year ago

Planting a podium deck

Jodie Jones investigates the growing trend of roof and podium landscapes

Plantingover 1 year ago

Top native & near-native plants

Eupatorium cannabinum. Photo: Mark SpencerDr Mark Spencer looks at the best plants for biodiversityOn occasion, I hear garden design professionals express the view that British wild plants are not...