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Plantingabout 6 years ago

Top verbascum to grow

V. ’Tropic Sun’ is hard to track down, but worth the search. Photo: Hoo House NurseryMulleins can be annual, biennial or perennial and come in a range of forms and colours, says Sarah MorganAs...

Plantingabout 6 years ago

Top dogwoods for gardens

Cornus kousa ‘Miss Satomi’. Photo: John Campbell/roomoflight.comSarah Morgan finds out which Cornus are worth growingCornus, also known as dogwoods, are an enticing group of plants that are so...

Plantingabout 6 years ago

Designing with digitalis

Matthew Biggs discovers how garden designers use foxgloves in their schemesMost digitalis are short-lived perennials, whose lifespan (usually three to four years) varies according to the growing...

Plantingabout 6 years ago

Top cherry trees for gardens

Prunus ‘Matsumae-fuki’ aka ‘Chocolate Ice’. Photo: John Campbell Chris Sanders RHS VMH, vice-chairman of the RHS Woody Plant Committee, chooses the best cherry cultivars for different situationsBEST...

Plantingabout 6 years ago

Designing with flowering cherries

Prunus ‘Tai-Haku’ is also known as the great white cherry. Photo: Chris SandersSarah Morgan discovers how to use ornamental cherry trees in garden schemesIn the UK, we can grow around 50 species of...

Plantingover 6 years ago

Top hawthorns to grow

Crataegus ellwangeriana ‘Fireball’ is a nurseryman’s favourite, with large luscious haws. Photo: Jardins en MarcheNurseryman Graeme Proctor chooses the best varieties for different...

Plantingover 6 years ago

Designing with hawthorn

Hawthorn Crataegus crus-galli has colourful fruits throughout winter. Photo: Sarah Morgan Crataegus are perfect for designing gardens with a natural look, says Sarah Morgan Also known as...

Plantingover 6 years ago

Top tips on camellias

The camellia walk at Renishaw Hall in Derbyshire. Photo: John CampbellSarah Morgan picks the best camellias for gardeners and designersCamellias come in a range that flower from September to May, and...

Plantingover 6 years ago

Sorbus: seasonal superstar

-->-->S. Autumn Spire has an upright form. Photo credit: Hillier NurseriesLooking for a fast, easy, small-to-medium tree with seasonal interest? Go for rowans, says Sarah Morgan.All gardens need...

Plantingover 6 years ago

Ilex & hedera: year-round festivity

I. x aquifolium ‘Rubricaulis Aurea\'. Photo: Christopher BailesWith wonderful foliage colours and luscious berries, holly and ivy should be in every garden, says Sarah Morgan.Holly and ivy are...