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Platipus Anchors Ltd

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Platipus Anchors Ltd

Product Category: Green Roofs & Living Walls

To complement their range of tree anchoring and irrigation systems, Platipus has developed its own living wall and

green roof solutions. G-WALL and G-ROOF have been designed to give all private and commercial garden lovers a

robust and efficient system to transform their own urban green spaces.

The modular nature of the G-WALL means it is quick and easy to assemble and requires no batons, rails, hanging grids

or membranes. Each cell provides four pockets for planting and accepts standard 13/16mm irrigation pipe.

G-ROOF is a structural and drainage system ideal for all roof gardens and urban planting situations. It also fully

integrates with standard Platipus Tree Anchoring Systems.

Platipus Anchors Limited
Kingsfield Business Centre
Philanthropic Road
United Kingdom

Phone: 0808 169 5060