SGD Awards finalist 2017 - Helen Elks-Smith MSGD - Harbour Garden
Spring Conference 2018 - Catherine Heatherington
Spring Conference 2018 - Rick Darke
SGD Awards finalist 2017 - Emily Erlam - Roof Garden
SGD Awards finalist 2017 - Karen Rogers - Courtyard Garden - Photo Caroline Mardon
Spring Conference 2018 - Julie Bargmann
SGD Awards finalist 2017 - Matt Keightley MSGD - Great Martins - Photo Stephen Studd
Spring Conference 2018 - Michael Vergason 2
Spring Conference 2018 - Michael Vergason
SGD Awards finalist 2017 - Ian Kitson FSGD - Estuary Garden


Whether you want to create a brand new garden or are simply looking for an inspired new planting plan The Society of Garden Designers is here to help. Our members are some of the leading names in the industry, working across a wide range of projects from small courtyards and roof gardens to country estates and urban parks. All the garden designers listed on this website are fully accredited by the Society and are trained to turn your aspirations into reality. As an organisation with hundreds of creative minds, we are never short of ideas. Use our designer search facility to find the perfect designer for you.

We count some of the UK’s most talented landscape and garden designers among our members, including Tom Stuart-Smith, Dan Pearson, Julie Toll, Cleve West and Jo Thompson, as well as many other gifted designers. Use our search facility to discover the perfect designer for you, or use our Registered Practice search to find a Practice for your needs. 


Working with a designer to create your ideal garden is an exciting journey. This guide will discuss how to prepare and convey a brief, establish and agree a realistic budget, communicate your needs clearly and effectively, and ultimately build a successful relationship which will result in a happy and productive experience during your time together.


As we head into the new year with thoughts of warmer weather and spending time outdoors, some of the SGD's leading designers give their predictions for the hot new trends in garden design during 2018, including the planting, landscape materials, and design styles we can expect to see in our gardens over the course of the year.