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Pre-Registered Membership of the SGD is the first step in becoming an accredited professional garden designer, and the category for anyone who aspires to Registered Membership.

It is the right choice for those who have graduated from a garden design course, are setting up their own business or starting out in the industry, or who are already practicing but wish to start the process to become Registered.

Benefits of becoming a Pre-Registered member include:

  • Ten editions of membership magazine Garden Design Journal each year
  • Being eligible to enter the prestigious annual SGD Awards (All finalists and winners can use the SGD Awards’ logos)
  • Discounted rates for SGD conferences, workshops and seminars
  • Opportunity to display your news on the SGD website and social media channels
  • Support on the Professional Pathway to Registered Membership through free ‘Registration Starts Here’ presentation and accreditation advice sessions.
  • Business mentoring scheme
  • Email and telephone support and advice
  • Regional SGD networking groups and workshops for continuing professional development
  • Access to Members section of the SGD website with guidance information
  • Access to employment opportunities and free ‘Seeking employment’ advertisement on the SGD website
  • Invitations to special events run by suppliers and supporters of the Society for Members
  • Email newsletters
  • Opportunity to volunteer for the SGD

Find out more about benefits for our different Membership categories here.

Pre-Registered Members are expected to progress on the Professional Pathway and successfully pass accreditation within five years. If you are not yet ready to begin the accreditation process or believe you may need longer than five years to complete it, you can still join the Society today as a Friend.

The Graduate Route to Pre-Registered membership

This route to Pre-Registered membership is designed for those who have recently obtained their garden design qualification. You may not yet have finished setting up your business, or may be working for a design studio, but still wish to begin on the Pathway to Registered Membership.

Membership via this route would count for 2 years of the 5 that it is suggested a member remain in the Pre-Registered category – after the 2 years you will move in to the regular Pre-Registered category and pay the equivalent membership fee. Should you join the Structured Pathway or begin submitting projects for accreditation, it is expected that you would move out of the Graduate category and into Pre-Registered membership.

The Graduate route is open to all professional garden designers who have graduated from a Garden Design or Landscape Design/Architecture course of level 3 qualification or higher (i.e. diploma or foundation degree). Courses must have required at least 200 guided learning hours, i.e. one day a week for 3 terms within the last 12 months.

The Experienced Route to Registered membership

Aimed at established garden designers with a minimum of 5 years practicing garden design, either as a business owner or as part of a practice, this option will require applicants to submit a portfolio of 10 built projects they have designed, along with their CV for review by the Co-chairs of accreditation. This route is also open to Chartered Members of the Landscape Institute (CMLI).

For more information click here.

How to Apply

To gain Pre-Registered Membership, applicants must provide evidence of competence in basic garden design skills, either by qualification or by review.

Qualification: Graduates of a Diploma, Foundation Degree, Honors Degree or a higher level garden or landscape design or landscape architecture course. They should have successfully completed a course of at least 200 learning hours (eg one day per week for three terms).

Review: For those who are unable to provide formal qualifications, we ask that you supply a sample layout plan (preferably a PDF) and your current CV.

Both graduate and review applicants must provide evidence that they hold current Professional Indemnity Insurance.

You can apply to become a Pre-Registered Member, online here.

Pre-Registered member fees are £235 for those living in the UK, £269 for those living in Europe and £293 in the Rest of the World.  The fees include up to three accreditation project submissions per year.

Graduate route Pre-Registered members pay £100 per annum for two years only.

Fees for new members will be charged on a pro-rata basis until the upcoming October, as all SGD members have the same renewal date: October 1st.
The prices listed below are guidelines only, as the amount is calculated pro-rata on the day you apply.

 Pre Reg Annual  fee November December January February March April May June July August September
 UK £235 ~£215 ~£195 ~£176 ~£156 ~£137 ~£117 ~£97 ~7£8 ~£58 ~£39 ~£19
 Europe £269 ~£246 ~£224 ~£201 ~£179 ~£156 ~£134 ~£112 ~£89 ~£67 ~£44 ~£22
 Worldwide £293 ~£268 ~£244 ~£219 ~£195 ~£170 ~£146 ~£122 ~£97 ~£73 ~£48


 Graduate £100 ~£91 ~£83 ~£75 ~£66 ~£58 ~£50 ~£41 ~£33 ~£25 ~£16 ~£8


Become a Pre-Registered Member

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