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Terry Lynch Handmade Ltd

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Terry Lynch Handmade Ltd

Affiliate Contact Name: Terence Lynch

Celebrating the very best in British craftsmanship, TLH luxury wooden landscape architecture designs are elegant, monumental forms that create a statement in any setting. The founder’s design and production skills are an invaluable asset to any designer looking for creative collaboration. Made to order by a team of skilled artisans at the workshop in Hampshire, produced in standard-sizes, designs can also be developed into beautiful bespoke landscape structures - the opportunities are boundless.

TLH have been perfecting the art of working with oak for over 40 years. TLH’s reputation for exceptional craftsmanship and impeccably high standards comes from extensive experience of working with high-end national and international retail brands, managing large restoration projects for The English Heritage, designing products for private gardens as well as a stand at RHS Chelsea.

Oak has a natural long-lasting durability that requires minimal maintenance even when untreated. Unlike other materials used in landscape architecture, wood is nonconductive which lends itself well to supporting living plants throughout the seasons. All products are made with certified timber and locally-supplied materials to minimise the product’s carbon footprint and produced to maximise longevity without affecting the environment. Get in touch to arrange a visit to the TLH workshop.

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Terry Lynch Handmade Ltd
Weyhill Farm
Amesbury Road
United Kingdom

Landline Phone
01264 771 300