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Affiliated Business Partners FAQs

What are the benefits of becoming an Affiliated Business Partner?

  • Part of a growing community within the land-based industry and a way for forming links across the industry
  • Reach to the SGD membership – SGD designers work on around 13 projects per year and specify exact suppliers / manufacturers and products
  • Use of Affiliated Business Partner logo
  • Listing in the SGD’s online Affiliated Business Directory 
  • Inclusion in Affiliated Business Partner banner on the SGD website
  • Access to SGD CPD for all staff 
  • Priority booking and discount for trade stands at SGD Conferences and Symposium
  • Partner rates for SGD Conferences and Symposiums 
  • Digital access to the GDJ 
  • Announcement of partnership on the SGD’s social media platforms

What is the difference between the Supplier Directory and the Affiliated Business Partner scheme?

The existing Supplier Directory is a listing of suppliers, manufacturers, growers and specialist service providers to the industry – with an online directory and a printed hardcopy which was issued each year to members.

The Affiliated Business Partner scheme takes over from this, with a huge range of extra benefits as a way to reach our membership.
There is a transition period as we move from one to the other.

The current online Supplier Directory is closed to new entries and the online version will be removed from the SGD website at the end of May 2023. No more hardcopies of the Supplier Directory will be printed.
After May 2023, the only way for suppliers, manufacturers, growers and specialist service providers to be presented to members will be through the ABP scheme.

  • As an Affiliate, do I get any discounts on trade stands at SGD events?
    • Yes - Affiliated Partners are offered priority booking 10 days ahead of non-Affiliated and receive a 5% discount
  • As an Affiliate, do I get any discounts on advertising in the GDJ?
    • The Garden Design Journal is overseen by James Pembroke Media – for rates cards please contact them directly via ABP’s can of course use the ABP log on any of their advertising – online or print
  • As an Affiliate, do I get any discounts on sponsorship of the Awards or Conference?
    • Our sponsorship packages include a huge amount of separate PR and marketing opportunities which is costed separately and we are unable to offer a discount. These packages are in huge demand with most sponsors retaining their awards package year on year and we are unable to discount them. If you would like to find out more about sponsorship benefits and opportunities, please e-mail
      ABP’s can of course use the ABP logo in all their awards PR and marketing opportunities which we provide – alongside being introduced as an ABP when invited up on stage.
  • As an Affiliate, do I get special access to Cluster Groups?
    • Yes – within each calendar year of membership each ABP can either meet with one cluster group anywhere in the UK or arrange a webinar session - these are referred to as ‘Supplier CPD’s’.
  • As an Affiliate, am I able to email SGD Members about my products/services?
    • There is a quarterly e-shot to all SGD members where Affiliates can highlight new products, services or a case study.
  • I have applied for Affiliated Business Partnership and have been declined / had my fees refunded; how can I appeal against this?
    • Appeals can be made in writing and sent to the SGD Office at; please mark title line as APPEAL; we will endeavour to respond within 28 days
  • My company’s profile isnt listed although I have applied?
    • If it isnt listed yet it will be reviewed before the application is processed or any monies taken; we may seek to contact you to discuss your application if this is the case.
  • I have started the application process and note I need to pay via Paypal – I don’t have a Paypal account.
    • You do not need a Paypal account to complete the application process. Paypal is the payment platform the SGD website uses – if you click on the Paypal button it takes you through to the payment screen where you can select payment by Paypal or Debit/Credit Card.
  • How do I apply a discount being offered at launch to my application?
    • If you currently have a paid entry in the printed ‘SGD Suppliers Directory’ or on the SGD website suppliers directory you are entitled to a discount of 30% on the first fee on a pro rata basis any time until the renewal date at 1st June 2023.  To gain this discount please contact affiliates
  • The amount for my first year seems lower than the full year price as per the website and leaflet
    • If you sign up part way through a year (June to May) the balance to end of May the following year is automatically calculated.