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The assessment of a garden designer’s work by a member of the accreditation committee. Successful candidates gain accredited Registered Member status of the Society.
Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 - the main set of regulations for managing health, safety and welfare on construction projects, and defining responsibilities according to particular roles. The SGD has created a free guidance presentation on complying with the new regulatory duties, as well as a CDM template and a Risk Assessment template.
A landscape construction company that builds gardens, often directed by a garden designer’s plans and detailing.
Continuing Professional Development, the ongoing process of building on your initial professional training to stay up-to-date. More Information
Fellows of the Society are Registered Members who have been recognised for making an exceptional contribution to the SGD or the garden design profession, and use FSGD (Fellow of the Society of Garden Designers) after their names.
Friend of the Society
A designer that is either newly qualified or not yet in a position to complete the adjudication process within five years, or a person that is not a practicing garden designer but wishes to be involved in the SGD and take advantage of certain benefits of Membership including the Garden Design Journal and discounted rates for events such as conferences and workshops. More Information
See Fellow.
See Registered Member.
Pre-Registered Member
Pre-Registered Membership of the SGD is the first step in becoming an accredited professional garden designer, and the Membership category for anyone who aspires to Registered Membership. More Information
Professional Pathway
The SGD Professional Pathway to Registered Membership was created to help Members pass adjudication and encourage them to achieve high standards in garden design. The Pathway is a three-step program undertaken while Pre-Registered and working as a garden designer.
Registered Member
Garden designers who have been through adjudication - the SGD’s accreditation process - are awarded the status of Registered Member, and are allowed to use the letters MSGD (Member of the Society of Garden Designers) after their names. Find out why designers choose to become Registered in our film. More Information
Retired Member
For Registered Members who no longer wish to practice but would like to remain associated with the Society.
The Society of Garden Designers.
SGD CPD Days are training days that provide professional development and continuing education for members at all levels within the SGD. They are organized by Regional Coordinators, and take place throughout the UK.
Student Member
Student Membership of the SGD is the category of Membership for those currently attending, or about to start, a garden or landscape design course. More Information