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Working with a Designer


When you are trying to choose a prospective garden designer to work with, look at their website to get a feel for their previous projects. Ask lots of questions, and get references from previous clients.

Think about what sort of garden you want, but also what you need in the space, so you can brief the designer properly at your initial meeting.

Discuss how you want to use the garden, and give examples of places you have seen that inspire you – it can help to use images from books or magazines or have an online board of pictures to illustrate your preferred style.

Decide what you can afford and be honest with the designer about your budget from the start. Make sure you are clear on costings, what is included and when you must pay what.

A typical design process may includes the following:

  • Initial consultation to discuss the brief of the project
  • Site survey and analysis
  • Presentation plan showing layout of the garden and the design intent
  • Planting plan
  • Construction drawings and specifications as necessary
  • Consultation and monitoring of site works
  • Advice on after care

Trust your designer, and give them the freedom to come up with a fresh design – they may suggest things you have never thought of, and you might have to adjust how you think about your garden to accommodate their ideas. Have faith in their abilities, and the results will delight you.  

Like any building work, having your garden built may be disruptive, especially if materials and people have to come through the house, so be prepared and try to be flexible. If you are very unhappy with an element of the design or build, however, tell your designer or contractor as soon as possible. Dealing with issues quickly might save you time and money, and will ensure the project is successful.

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