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Heather Specifications

Heather's Model Specification
for Landscape and Garden Construction

The latest revision of Heather’s Model Specification for Landscape and Garden Construction is SGD Edition 1 Revision 5 dated October 2019.  This revision supercedes all previous versions.

The Model Specification enables users to generate a project specific specification for each project.  The guidance with the specification clauses can also be used as a design tool to inform ideas and provide guidance and direction to further information.

It is supplied as a PDF document containing: all of the specification clauses; guidance on specification writing, how to use the specification, as well as on the individual clauses; and appendices including a sample plant list, sample letters and a list of British Standards used in the specification and guidance. 

Four Word documents are also supplied, one each for the three JCLI Standard Form Contracts supported by the specification and one for the option of using a different Standard Form or a bespoke contract.  The Model Specification also supports the three Scottish versions of the JCLI Contracts.


John Heather first produced his Specification Writing for Garden Design in 1995.  It was written to fulfil the specific needs of professional garden designers and students of garden design to improve professional standards and standards of work on site.  In 2011 the Society of Garden Designers took over the rights to the specification and published an expanded and updated version of it as Heather’s Model Specification for Landscape and Garden Construction SGD Edition 1.  Subsequently it has been regularly updated to reflect current standards and law as well as expanded to incorporate different types of work.

The SGD are pleased to announce that the Heather's Model Specifications will be sent out to Pre-Registered members, Registered Members, and Fellows of the SGD on their membership renewal. 

If a Pre-Registered member, Registered Member or Fellow has renewed and requires the Specifications sooner, you can contact the SGD office on and the team will gladly send the documents. 

Students, Friends and non-members can purchase the Heather Specifications documents for a fee of £76.80 by visiting the SGD shop.

Please note that the Specifications are digital documents and so can only be sent via email.