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Project: Manor House Garden, Bath

Project: Manor House Garden, Bath

Lennox-Boyd introduced new areas, including herbaceous borders, and shielded the house with planting. Photo: Jason Ingram

Arabella Lennox-Boyd’s double award-winning design for The Hermitage

This charming manor house sits in a north-facing valley on the outskirts of Bath, with views over beautiful countryside. The garden, however, was failing to achieve its potential until Arabella Lennox-Boyd MSGD set to work.

“Some of the previously designed features were unsuccessful and had to be removed, and the entrance forecourt needed careful reshaping to allow for improved car parking,” she says. Interest was added with a number of new elements, including a stone-edged rill which rises from a stone trough, then meanders across a formal lawn.

Photo: Jason Ingram

The borders around the house were planted with a variety of shrubs and climbers to soften the walls and some of the more severe features of the building, following the client’s wishes. An awkward slope was cut back and retained by a traditionally built stone wall, which opened up space for an impressive double herbaceous border planted in tones of blue, purple, deep burgundy and silver.

Photo: Jason Ingram

The garden, which had a budget of around £300,000, went on to win both the Large Residential Award and the Planting Design Award at this year’s SGD Awards. “This is a sophisticated interpretation of the classic style, with good treatment of views,” said the judges, “a playfully designed garden that uses levels very successfully and responds beautifully to the surrounding landscape. The clever planting is both bold and romantic, with a colour palette that works with the stone of the house and the rolling hills of Somerset. The strong rhythm and movement within the borders adds drama and excitement.”

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