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Designabout 4 years ago

Learning from Capability Brown

Blenheim in Oxfordshire. Photo: Blenheim PalaceFar from being boring, Capability Brown’s skill and subtlety mark him out as a master of our craft, writes Dr Sarah RutherfordIn researching my recent...

Designabout 4 years ago

Market Parklet

Weathering steel and bare concrete give an industrial aesthetic Pre-Registered SGD member Deborah Nagan of (uncommon) describes how a litter-strewn, unloved wasteland near Waterloo Station was...

Designabout 4 years ago

How to start a business as a garden designer

Sarah has designed many different styles of gardens. Photo: Leigh ClappSarah Morgan MSGD shares tips on making a career in garden designStart your career as a student Students on placements often...

Designabout 4 years ago

How to design a family garden

Swings and tepees are great features for kids in gardens, and can be easily moved, removed or updated as they grow older. Photo: The Great Little Trading Company Isaac...

Designabout 4 years ago

Take topsoil seriously

Leave soil selection to chance, says soil scientist Tim O’Hare, and you might have big problemsSoil is the foundation of every garden. It may not be the most exciting element, but if you ignore...

Designabout 4 years ago

How to write a garden design book

Designer Stephen Woodhams gives top tips on producing a book on gardensEstablish a body of work: My book Garden Design Solutions took nine months, but we had been working on the planning side for six...

Designabout 4 years ago

How to design a roof garden, part 2

This intensive roof garden has a build-up of soil and wet-laid paving over the slab. For gardens like this, it is important to use a free-draining rootzone mix rather than standard topsoilDesigner...

Designabout 4 years ago

How to design a roof garden, part 1

In this roof garden project, designer Katharina Nikl built lighting into the containers. Photo: Katharina NiklDesigner John Wyer explains everything you need to know about creating a roof gardenA...

Designover 4 years ago

Japan’s intriguing indoor garden

The Nest is made from a hollow concrete base and wood frame with a corrugated plastic skin. Photo: Shinkenchiku-shaThis innovative design for a community garden functions like an open greenhouse,...

Designover 4 years ago

Are you taking CDM seriously?

Robin Templar Williams Designer Robin Templar Williams FSGD worries that the industry is not prepared for new CDM regulationsMuch has been written and said with regard to the revised Construction...