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Member’s Books

Society of Garden Designers’ Books


Great Garden Design

  • ISBN: 10: 0711235732 ISBN 13: 9780711235731
  • Publisher: Frances Lincoln, 2015
  • Author: Ian Hodgson

Great Garden Design is a showcase of more than 300 of the best garden designs over the previous 10 years from some of our leading members; a survey of contemporary garden design showcasing the flair and innovation that the Society’s professional garden designers can bring to the smallest and most unpromising of plots.

Comprised of planting schemes, style guidance, practical insight and expert knowledge, the book offer new ideas for every situation, taste, budget, and size of garden.

Great Garden Design features the work of some of the Society’s established members alongside lesser-known designers whose innovative work deserves wider recognition. The book examines the creative process of working with a designer from concept to completion, and demonstrates how a professional designer can help to transform your garden space.

Member’s Books


Construction Detailing for Landscape and Garden Design

  • Paperback: 248 pages
  • Publisher: Routledge (29 April 2016)
  • ISBN-10: 0415746280
  • ISBN-13: 978-0415746281
  • Author: Paul Hensey (FSGD)

Designs for gardens and landscapes need to contain accurate information to ensure that both the designer’s intent is clear and to enable the highest quality constructions. This book contains the elements most often used when detailing surfaces, with key information on standards, guidance and construction that the practitioner must be aware of. Alongside the text are 2D and 3D images with suggestions of measurements, design considerations and materials. 

The unique aspect of this book is that all of the construction details featured are available as a free 3D SketchUp download along with the 2D sectional views



Backyard Blueprints: Design, Furniture and Plants for a Small Garden

  • ISBN: 9781909342644
  • First published date: 20th March 2014
  • Author: David Stevens (FSGD)

This imaginative book, full of sound advice and innovative ideas, is a blueprint for the successful design and planting of a small garden. 
At first glance, a small space tucked behind the house might look less than promising, but in this book leading garden designer David Stevens unlocks its extraordinary possibilities. Even the smallest space has room for lounging, cooking, dining, playing and even working; and all manner of garden features can be incorporated – pools and fountains, arbours and arches, ornaments and containers. With some careful planning and the confidence to fit the space to your needs and personality, a backyard can become your own corner of paradise.



Designing Gardens on Slopes 

  • ISBN: 978 185341 138 0 (paperback only)
  • First published date: 30th October 2012
  • Authors: Liz Davies (MSGD retired) & Ruth Chivers (FSGD)

Not many gardens are completely flat. Just one step up in a garden can make a big difference, adding more interest to the site. But slopes do present more of a challenge when designing gardens and definitely add to the expense of a building project. This book shows how good design helps to master hilly sites and avoid costly common mistakes. It is a simple and informative guide detailing from survey, through design, to construction and planting, and contains a select portfolio of beautifully designed gardens that show projects from start to finish. Students of garden design, qualified garden and landscape designers, landscape builders and architects, and owners of sloping gardens will therefore find it particularly useful.

Available from PACKARD PUBLISHING LIMITED £25.00 (discounted to students and SGD members)



Our Plot 

  • ISBN: 9780711232365
  • First published date: 6th October 2011
  • Reprint date: January 2012
  • Author: Cleve West (MSGD)

Cleve West is one of Britain's top garden designers, now with six RHS gold medals to his name. Cleve is also a true allotmenteer, heading off to his plot whenever he can to get his hands dirty, find peace, and contemplate life and nature. Our Plot, his first book, is full of practical commonsense, passion for his allotment (and its sheds) and a concern for the future which brings important issues to ground level. Cleve admits his mistakes so there’s plenty of advice of the what-not-to-do variety, as well as brilliant tips for successful growing of all the best fruit and veg.




A New Naturalism

  • ISBN: 978 1 85341 133 5 (paperback only)
  • First published in May 2005 by Packard Publishing Limited, Chichester.
  • First edition
  • No Reprints
  • Authors: Catherine Heatherington MA FSGD & Juliet Sargeant BA MD FSGD
  • Photographs by the authors

Description: Naturalistic planting evolved from Dutch and German applied ecological and horticultural expertise in the late twentieth century, as well as from North American ‘prairie’ gardening experience. It became a vogue topic for a while in garden design, and has now settled into a more balanced approach tempered by local climatic and ground conditions. This short book is part of a workshop series focused on planting design. It combines chapters on the developments in naturalistic planting, sustainability, design aspects and techniques, practical issues, naturalistic matrices and groupings, with profiles of leading practitioners and their advice for novices in this field .



Designing Gardens

  • ISBN-10: 0711217572 / ISBN-13: 0711217577
  • First published date: 1st June 2002
  • Revised published date: N/A
  • Reprint date/s: Hardback - N/A / Paperback - October 2012
  • Author: Arabella Lennox-Boyd (MSGD)
  • Photographer: Andrew Lawson

The Sunday Telegraph Magazine said that Arabella Lennox-Boyd’s latest book, Designing Gardens, “give us the benefit of 30 years as a garden designer” and that her work, as photographed by Andrew Lawson, “is breathtaking” but also full of “solid advice that can be applied to a garden of any size”.

The first part of the book explores Arabella’s design philosophy, and also includes design ideas for everything from paving to pergolas to perennial planting whilst the second part looks in greater detail at more than 20 very different gardens around the world, accompanied by stunning photography.