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Adrian Gray Stonebalancing

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Adrian Gray Stonebalancing

Product Category: Sculpture

Adrian Gray is the pioneer of stonebalancing art.

His work explores the natural world and its inherent yet seemingly magical balance.

Adrian creates sculptures using weathered stone, ranging in size from small tactile rocks to vast granite boulders shaped by glaciers. The stones are balanced by hand or, for the monumental sculptures, using a crane, manoeuvring them into place using eye and touch to find their natural point of balance.

These sculptures are fixed in their balanced position for safety and longevity, but still retain the outward appearance of being in transitory equilibrium, evoking a contradictory sense of solidity and impermanence and an attendant sense of wonder. They make dramatic, epic statements in homes, gardens and commercial spaces, challenging our sense of what is possible.

Adrian films the initial balance to capture the moment of creation. The resulting recording is an integral part of the completed work, documenting an ephemeral art performance that stands in sharp opposition to the monumental permanence of the finished sculpture.

“I hope my sculptures speak for themselves,” says Adrian. "In nature there is no such thing as imperfect balance, and my work honours this incredible truth. On a deeper level, I consider they symbolise and celebrate the committed efforts of people across the globe to conserve the environment and keep our beautiful planet in balance.”

The Granary Knights Farm
Knights Lane
All Saints
EX13 7LS
United Kingdom

Phone: 07801 336500