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Winners 2013

Andrew Wilson FSGD and Amanda Patton MSGD were granted the two most prestigious awards at the Society of Garden Designers annual awards ceremony this year, receiving the Grand Award and Judges Awards respectively in front of an audience of over 300 guests.

The accolades were presented at a ceremony in London on Friday 24th January 2014 where 18 awards were announced including recognition for community garden projects, international schemes, excellence in public and commercial outdoor space and a special a lifetime achievement award. 

See the full list of winners and the Judges’ comments below. Please click on the images to enlarge and scroll through.  

Student Award

Sponsored by Haddonstone

Winner: Nicholas Morton

Project: Malmesbury

What the judges said: “The most consistent, methodical and cogent presentation of all the entries.  It showed an ability to handle scale and understand space and achieved the brief in a clear and concise way.  An accomplished presentation with competent graphics and persuasive images. This simple design offered a sympathetic relationship with the site and a good balance of formal and more natural spaces.”


Paper Landscapes Award

Sponsored by The Modern Garden Company

Winner: Nicola Graves

Project: Cemetery Park

What the judges said:“A fascinating, Intellectually stimulating idea well communicated. It is a wonderful fantasy of a design that does not destroy the history of the site.”


Renovation Aaward

Sponsored by Haddonstone

Winner: Mark Fenton MSGD

Project: Rose Garden

What the judges said: “Mark Fenton’s brief was to renovate part of a tired and unloved Victorian park.  The original layout had to be preserved and a new entrance, steps, and paths reconfigured to make the space more inviting. New plants were introduced which maintained the original Victorian aesthetic, but which reduced maintenance and gave the garden a new lease of life.  It is a small intervention into a much larger space and will hopefully form the catalyst for a more wholesale re-imagining of the park”.

Hardscape Award

Sponsored by Stockscape

Winner: Andy Sturgeon FSGD

Project: Westminister Terrace, Hong Kong

What the judges said: “A clever design, slickly executed to move you around the space.  An excellent exercise in ordered hard landscaping.”

Lighting Award

Sponsored by Paul Nulty Lighting Design

Winner: Charlotte Roww MSGD

Project: Notting Hill, London

What the judges said: “ A very good, well thought out lighting design with carefully considered location of light sources.  It provides a well-balanced composition that creates an interesting and playful space for the client.”

Big Design Small Budget Award

Sponsored by Natural Paving

Winner: Christine Whatley MSGD

Project: Kinesis

What the judges said: “The project covered a large, challenging area with a good design and a clever use of budget.”

Designing For Community Space Award

Sponsored by Easigrass

Joint Winner: Montpelier Community Nursery Garden 

What the judges said: “The space looks very natural and feels very open for an urban environment.  A strong design that is not contrived or trying too hard and doesn’t dictate how the children should play. It has a nice balance of soft and hard landscaping.”

Designing For Community Space Award

Sponsored by Easigrass

Joint Winner: Gibbon's Rent

What the judges said: “An inviting, engaging and flexible space well-used by the local community who have ownership and the freedom to personalise and adopt the site all year round. It has the feel of a revamp of a 1970's community garden that looks sharp in the city.”

Planting Design Award

Sponsored by Sculpture by the Lakes

Winner: Andy Sturgeon FSGD

Project: Welsh Garden

What the judges said: “A wonderfully seasonal planting palette that demonstrates a clever use of colour, form and texture with well-composed planting arrangements that have a range of sizes of deciduous and evergreen structural planting. The scheme showed creativity and innovation in terms of the use of plants to provide drama and experience and to create compositions that repeat rhythmically to lead you through the garden and reveal pathways and entrances to new spaces.”

Future Designers Award

Sponsored by Deepdale Trees

Winner: Jo Thompson

Project: Sea Gem, Camber Sands

What the judges said: “A beautifully simple and confident design that has a natural picturesque quality.  A very comfortable space that has a good sense of place and a perfect balance of private and public for location.”

Peoples Choice Award

Sponsored by Home & Gardens

Winner: Andrew Wilson FSGD

Project: Hertfordshire Garden

Awarded by the general public and readers of Homes & Gardens magazine.

Public or Communal Outdoor Space Award

Sponsored by Brickworks Vande Moortel

Winner: John Wyer FSGD

Project: The Collection

What the judges said: “An interesting layout and clever use of a narrow space, which jointly serves to screen the ugliness and clutter of surrounding buildings, and to unify the space into a single composition. Some interesting details and a good technical resolution of roof-garden issues.”

Small Residential Garden Award

Sponsored by StoneMarket

Winner: Andy Sturgeon FSGD

Project: Vermeer Garden

What the judges said:  “This is a clever use of long, linear space with excellent design detailing that connects both ends of the garden. He has introduced a journey and sense of discovery into a predictable urban space using delicate and elegant planting and materials to create a sense of harmony.”

Medium Residential Garden Award

Sponsored by Europlants UK Ltd

Winner: Amanda Patton MSGD

Project: Somerset Garden

What the judges said: “A sophisticated piece of design that has transformed the site and made the garden feel much larger. The resulting space has character whilst acknowledging the surrounding landscape. Some sharp design detailing with soft edges.”

Large Residential Garden Award

Sponsored by Provender Nurseries

Winner: Andrew Wilson FSGD

Project: Hertfordshire Garden

What the judges said: “A clever design that integrates with the style of the house and creates a great feeling of space and cohesion. A skillful use of geometric devices and a good variety of spaces has created some fantastic borders and very interesting destination points.”

International Award

Sponsored by Landform

Winner: Sally Court FSGD

Project: Barvikha Gardens

What the judges said: "A very difficult brief successfully implemented to create a sophisticated and accomplished piece of design that is the essence of an English garden.  There was a good sequence of spaces and a high standard of execution despite logistical challenges. A strong contender."

The John Brooks Lifetime Achievement Award

Sponsored by Alitex

Winner: Andrew Lawson

Awarded by the Council of the Society of Garden Designers 

The SGD Council said:  “The Council of the Society of Garden Designers was unanimous in its eagerness to Award the John Brookes Lifetime Achievement Award to Andrew Lawson this year. Through his beautiful work, Andrew has not only highlighted the achievements of many garden designers over the years, but he has also inspired a generation to greatness in their designs. When I see one of Andrew’s photographs, I take a deep breath, and allow my eyes to feast on the colours, light and forms; stresses drain away and I am grateful to be working with landscape and plants.  We all felt he was a very worthy recipient of the Award.”

Judges Award

Sponsored by CED Natural Stone

Winner: Amanda Patton MSGD

Project: Somerset Garden

What the judges said: “A simple idea expertly integrated into its surroundings with beautiful planting, the creative use of traditional materials and craftsmanship, and an intelligent judicious nod to the 21st Century which reminds us of where we are now and where we have come from.”


The Grand Award

Sponsored by Barcham

Winner: Andrew Wilson FSGD

Project: Hertfordshire Garden

What the Judges said: “A contemporary design has been layered with the historic landscape to create an exciting and serene composition. The whole garden is beautifully done and gives a feeling of space and cohesion. Introduced, native and naturalised species have been combined to develop exciting and challenging planting combinations which are displayed in a wide variety of contexts from fantastic borders to ecologically-driven wetlands.  Architectural elements such as screens, hard landscape terraces and the entrance driveway have been designed with great skill and to be in scale with the house and surrounding landscape.  It is a garden full of surprises.

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