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Let's Talk Business with Alan Sargent (20.03.2020)

Let's Talk Business with Alan Sargent (20.03.2020)

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Alan Sargent is the founder of The Association of Professional Landscapers and The Professional Garden Consultants Association. He is also Visiting Lecturer (Final Year Diploma) at Kew, and after over fifty years of working in the landscaping world he now concentrates on lecturing and carrying out Dispute Work for Courts across England and Wales as Expert Witness.

Let’s Talk Business is a unique presentation, examining a selection of different types of problems caused by Contracts, Terms and Conditions, all redacted genuine cases showing projects that have failed through neglect or misunderstandings. Attention to detail and ensuring that your documentation does not leave you open to problems from vexatious clients, the workshop is aimed at those involved in Design and Design & Build projects.

Relying on Standard Terms & Conditions for all projects can produce many problems, unless a more bespoke system is available and in use. He will examine Variation Orders, Additions and Alterations to project documents and their ongoing ramifications for Designers. An explanation of the effects and benefits of Contract (Design Management) Regulations 2015, creating the most effective methods of working together with the customer to ensure they fully appreciate and understand the process from start to finish will be given.

He will explain the need to separate Terms from Conditions, enabling the Designer to control both the project and the client from initial survey to Practical Substantial Completion and beyond as a way of marketing yourself and selling your skills.

Delegates will be provided with a bundle of redacted documents, to be examined in detail, presented one at a time, to be fully explained, including why and how various projects have failed. Other papers are provided, including an explanation of Legal Terms and their importance to you as a Designer and Design & Build Contractor, together with useful marketing tools for use on site.

(Please note: No documents will be provided for use by those who have not attended the workshop, as their contents will not be comprehensible or relevant without the full explanations provided during the event)

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