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SGD CPD Digital-Cut Through The Noise Part 2 w/Denise Quinlan (1&2 February 2022)

SGD CPD Digital-Cut Through The Noise Part 2 w/Denise Quinlan (1&2 February 2022)

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This is a two-day event which will be run at the following times:

Tuesday 1st February - 09:30 - 12:15
Wednesday 2nd February - 09:30 - 12:15

Please note that this event will be recorded and will be made available to delegates after the event. For more information on recording and privacy please click here. Once you have booked onto the event an invitation to the Zoom meeting will be sent 24 hours before the meeting

This interactive Zoom workshop is for those who established the foundations in ‘Cut through the noise. Get great clients - Part 1’, and want to dig deeper to:  

  • Attract a better quality & quantity of great clients who fit your criteria, rather than having a ‘mixed bag’ of all & sundry

In part 2, we explore other aspects of how you’re presenting yourself, your business and how you deliver the customer experience, from the client’s perspective.

We dive into:

  • Developing a perfect introduction/networking/elevator pitch
  • How to develop you big message, your core values & how these connect to & resonate with your target clients
  • Establishing yourself as a leading authority & expert in your specialist field
  • How you’re educating your prospects about the garden design results you bring, your process & your pricing, before they reach out & contact you
  • The customer journey prospects embark upon once they contact you from first enquiry to testimonial
  • How to generate article/blog headlines to attract your target clients beyond posting photos on Instagram & other social media
  • How to create and when to ask for testimonials
  • Referrals - how to ask for them

To get the most from your invested time & energy in this workshop, we highly recommend attendance of ‘Cut through the Noise. Get great clients - Part 1’.
Upcoming dates for Part 1 are January 10 & 11th 2022.  

As a friendly reminder, in part 1, we established the ‘Get great clients’ framework:

  • Your USPs (aspects that stand you/your business out)
  • Your target ‘sweet spot’ clients & the garden problems THEY tell you they have
  • How your resolve these challenges for them
  • How you articulate all of the above in your clear client-focused messaging
  • Where these prospects ‘hang out’ & how you reach them (aka an outline marketing plan)

About Denise Quinlan

With over 23 years in business development, partnering and customer-facing senior positions in the IT industry, Denise founded Insightful Images with a mission to instinctively create credible, professional written and visual digital assets that show the real you, tell a brilliant story about your team and your business ... to connect you with great clients.

Denise gets you talking in your clients’ language, in ways that resonate for them and stand you out.

A regular and accomplished speaker, business coach & mentor to entrepreneurs, Denise also presents ‘Cut through the Noise. Get great clients’ Part 1 & ‘Photographing gardens to promote your business’ workshops for the SGD.

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