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Structured Pathway to MSGD - Registration

Structured Pathway to MSGD - Registration

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The SGD warmly encourages more submissions from our sizeable cohort of Pre-Registered members to attain MSGD accreditation. The SGD council has moved towards the term accreditation in place of adjudication.

To encourage and support more submissions for accreditation the Society is launching a monthly managed pathway starting in May 2023 for your first project submission. This will run over 9 months.  

This Pathway will include 6 CORE CPDs, which are aligned to the 12 elements of accreditation which form the basis of assessing your project and which show best practice in each of these areas. Each CPD session is about 2 hours, and there will be a clearly defined timetable to help you manage your input. You can join live on ZOOM or follow the recordings. 

All Pre-Registered members with built projects are invited to enrol onto this pathway programme and to submit elements of their project, monthly, in tandem with the relevant core CPD session. 

This will give you a bite sized scope of work monthly on assembling /submitting manageable elements of your project: small and simple deadlines. As a cohort working together, you will benefit from the supportive environment rather than on an ad hoc/individual basis.

You are not alone! 

Your project will then be assessed by an accreditation panel; the aim will be to complete this within the following one or two months. All being well the project will be passed, but on occasion some elements may be referred, to be reworked to the required standard and resubmitted.  The Society regard this as a normal learning process in your development as excellent garden designers. 

The planned timescale is as follows:  

*** By 16 APRIL 2023 ***SUBMIT YOUR PREFERRED PROJECT: submit a single garden plan with one or two BEFORE & AFTER pix to give the Society a flavour of your project.  

As we have discussed in several of our first Wednesday workshops your first projects can be quite simple but showing good spatial design, nice planting and some well executed built elements: steps/ paving/ walls etc. This does not have to be super complicated.  


You are then on a monthly pathway along with a cohort of other pre-registered buddies.  

MONTH 1 MAY 2023 CORE CPD 1: Client Brief & Client Designer Contract Documentation.  

This CPD session talks through best practice to draw up a clients brief and prepare a fee proposal,  The same month you will submit your Agreed Client Brief & Client-Designer Contract Documentation from your project. Submit a short CV. 

MONTH 2  JUNE 2023 CORE CPD 2: Site Survey & Site Analysis.  

This CPD session demonstrates best practice on preparing /commissioning a site survey and analysis. The same month submit your Site survey and Site analysis.

MONTH 3  JULY 2023  CORE CPD 3:  Design Rationale & Presentation Plan

The same month Submit your Design Rationale & Presentation Plan.  

MONTH 4  SEPTEMBER 2023 CORE CPD 4: Planting Plan(s) & Plant Schedule.  

End September submit your Planting Plan(s) & Plant Schedule  

MONTH 5  OCTOBER 2023 CORE CPD 5 : Setting Out Plan(s) & Construction Details  

End October your Setting Out Plan(s) & Construction Details  

AUTUMN GET-TOGETHER  as a cohort or in Cluster groups  

MONTH 6 NOVEMBER 2023 CORE CPD 6: Specification and other Contract Documentation for works on site.

End November submit your Specification and other Contract Documentation for works on site.

The CPDs will be recorded for those who cannot attend any of the sessions.  

Early December final get together Zoom workshop to review the process.  

Your project will then be reviewed by the accreditation panel/team and all being well approved. In a few cases some elements may be referred to be reworked to bring this project up to MSGD standard.  

The Society very much hopes this new initiative will get many more of you on board each year towards attaining your MSGD. 
Please see here the Accreditation Checklist, and Process document.

The cost for this process to include the 6 CORE CPDs and the office administration to set up & monitor your monthly downloads is £150. [the CORE CPDs were previously offered at £35 each]. For those who have already done 2 or more CORE CPDs in 2022 or 2023 please speak to the office and we will offer a small rebate. Invoices will be raised upon registration.

The assessment of your project by the accreditation panel/team is as before and is included in your SGD membership.  

Ali will be available to answer any of your questions about this new pathway at her monthly Pre-Registered meeting which will be on 5th April at 4.30pm.

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