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SGD CPD Digital: Trees in Gardens with Mark Laurence - 15th June 2023

SGD CPD Digital: Trees in Gardens with Mark Laurence - 15th June 2023

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This is a one-day event which will be run at the following times:

Thursday 15th June 2023 - 10:00 - 16:00 (there will be 2 x 15 minute breaks plus one hour for lunch during this time)

Please note that this event will be recorded and will be made available to delegates after the event. Once you have registered for the event an invitation to the Zoom meeting will be sent with instructions on how to log on along with information on recording and privacy. 


Trees form an essential part of a garden, yet are often perceived as no more than backdrop, and sometimes, a nuisance. In this CPD we will discuss how to integrate existing trees into a landscape, what considerations they need, root structure and how to work within the critical root zone (and what that is).  We will also discuss common mistakes, bad pruning, what to look for and when to call an arborist in.  We will look at fungi and the relationships with trees, both in beneficial and detrimental terms.

We will discuss the planting of new trees, species selection, best practice for planting and staking; we will also explore the fact that trees are holobionts, the central axis of an ecosystem and that we should design our planting to extend and enhance that ecosystem.  Climate change will force new or hybrid ecosystems to emerge, something we can actively manage in our plant choices.

The aim is to give a wider understanding of trees and their role in the garden and landscape.


Mark Laurence MSGD is an ISA certified arborist and has worked with trees and landscapes for over 40 years in both the UK (where he is based) and in the Middle-East, especially the UAE.  There he works with trees on development projects, surveying and assessing their health, setting care plans, moving large trees and training staff in correct pruning procedures.

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