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SGD CPD Digital: Landscape Costing with Sam Hassall - 13th & 20th February 2024

SGD CPD Digital: Landscape Costing with Sam Hassall - 13th & 20th February 2024

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This is a two-day event which will be run via Zoom or GoTo at the following times:

13th February 2024 from 14:00 - 17:00
20th February 2024 from 14:00 - 17:00

You are required to attend both sessions. The cost covers both sessions.

Please note that this event will be recorded and will be made available to delegates after the event. Once you have purchased your ticket you will be sent more information on recording and privacy. A link to join the meetings will be sent to you 24 hours before the start of each session.

The sessions will cover the following points:

Overall subject: Budget establishment for new projects.


1 Exercise 

A 10-minute exercise on costing. Simple measured design to be provided by LandPRO. Designers spend 10 minutes developing a scope of works. And then a few minutes costing the document. Pricing submitted in the text box.

2 The first meeting and budget establishment 


• A new client requiring development or improvement.

• A budget allowance is stated / not stated.

• How to extract a starting budget.

• How to predict a possible budget based on the first meeting.

• Other philosophies on this subject.

3 Budget development 

Developing the budget based on the RIBA 2 proposals. Communicating the movement from your initial meeting.

4 Tools to predict costs 

5 Analysis of the excercise at the beginning of the session 

6 Q&A 

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