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SGD CPD Digital: **NEW** How to Design Resilient Plant Communities with Anna Ribo - 9 July 2024

SGD CPD Digital: **NEW** How to Design Resilient Plant Communities with Anna Ribo - 9 July 2024

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Drought and Floods: How to Design Resilient Plant Communities in a Changing Climate

Speaker: Anna Ribo

Date: Tuesday 9 July 2024

Time: 3pm - 6pm

Once you have booked onto the event an invitation register to the Zoom meeting will be sent via email, including information on how to join the meeting along with the privacy statement.

*Please note that this event will NOT be recorded*

In this down to earth course, with following question and answers, Anna Ribo will use her experience as ex head gardener at Long Barn, garden adviser and planting designer to discuss examples of different habitats, their growing conditions and how they can be translated into a garden setting to create more resilient planting schemes. We will have a look at garden practices that can increase plant survival chances such as soil and soil improvements, planting techniques and communicating aftercare.   There will be a discussion on how to assess a site and on looking at the potentials of different areas having different management strategies on a scale from tidy to wild, including self seeding.  And we will touch on managing clients' expectations in a constantly changing environment.

For the last part of the course, we will be discussing your questions and queries. So if you have any questions relating to an existing project or more generally, please send them to the SGD office by Wednesday 3rd July and we will do our best to cover them - this can be anonymous if you prefer and can be big or small issues that have come up in your practice. If time allows it, you can also ask questions on the day. 

Anna Ribo is a planting designer, garden advisor and gardening and sketching teacher. She used to be head gardener at the gardens at Long Barn but now focuses on her own practice and projects as well as offering freelance planting plans, advice and research for other professionals. Her work is unashamedly plant based.

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