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Shows & Awards

Shows & Awards

Below are SGD members who have won awards at various shows around the country. Congratulations to all for these fantastic acheivements!


RHS Tatton Park Flower Show 2019

 Award: Silver & Best Construction Award
 Designed by: Jane Bingham (Pre-Registered member) & Penny Hearn (Friend member)
 Category: Back to Back Gardens
 Title: The Let's Go Fly A Kite Garden
 Contractor: Base Squared Ltd
 Sponsors: Marshalls Plc, Iceland Foods Ltd, Murray Environmental Ltd, Planting with Penny,   Burton  & Rossett Horticultural Society, Dalefoot Composts, Decorative Aggregates, All Turf,   Simon O’Rourke Ltd, Blastcool and Aldford Apparel 

RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2019


 Award: Gold, Best Lifestyle & Global Impact Garden, & Best Construction Award
 Designed by: Dave Green (Student member)
 Category: Lifestyle Gardens
 Title: The Stop and Pause Garden
 Contractor: PC Landscapes



 Award: Gold
 Designed by: Tony Woods MSGD
 Category: Show Gardens
 Title: The Thames Water Flourishing Future Garden
 Contractor: Garden Club London
 Sponsor: Thames Water


 Award: Silver Gilt
 Designed by: Caitlin McLaughlin (Student member)
 Category: Lifestyle Gardens
 Title: The Urban Pollinator Garden
 Contractor: Conway Landscapes
Sponsor: Warner's


 Award: Silver Gilt
 Designed by: Rober Grimstead (Pre-Registered member)
 Category: Lifestyle Gardens
 Title: The Lower Barn Farm Outdoor Living Garden
 Contractor: Landscapes by Design
Sponsor: Lower Barn Farm


 Award: Silver Gilt
 Designed by: Seonaid Royall (Pre-Registered member)
 Category: Global Impact Gardens
 Title: Believe in Tomorrow Garden
 Contractor: Highgrove Landscaping



 Award: Silver
 Designed by: Helen J Rosevear (Pre-Registered member) and Jane Stoneham (non-member)
 Category: Show Gardens
 Title: Year of Green Action Garden
 Contractor: Cotswold Estates and Gardens Ltd
Sponsor: Defra, Sensory Trust 


 Award: Silver
 Designed by: Lawrence Roberts (Pre-Registered member) and William Roobrouck (non-member)
 Category: Show Gardens
 Title: Through Your Eyes Garden
 Contractor: Elements Garden Design, Shrub and Stone
Sponsor: Kebony, CED Stone, R&G Metal Products 



 Award: Bronze
 Designed by: Michelle Brandon (Pre-Registered member)
 Category: Global Impact Gardens
 Title: The Forest Will See You Now
 Contractor: Landscaping Solutions Ltd


BBC Gardeners’ World Live 2019


 Award: Platinum & Best Show Garden
 Designed by: Alexandra Froggatt (Pre-Registered member)
 Category: Show Garden 
 Title: Watchmaker's Garden
 Contractor: Equator
 Sponsors: Cheshire Demolition & Excavation Contractors Ltd, Jewellery Quarter, Vande Moortel



 Award: Platinum & Best Construction
 Designed by: Lucy Bravington (Pre-Registered member)
 Category: APL Avenue 
 Title: High Line
 Contractor: DesignIt Landscapes



 Award: Gold
 Designed by: Dr Catherine Macdonald (Pre-Registered member) and Rhiannon Williams (non-     member)
 Category: APL Avenue
 Title: GADD Brothers
 Contractor: GADD Brothers

 Award: Gold
 Designed by: Hana Leonard (Pre-Registered member)
 Category: Showcase Gardens
 Title: Here we go Round the Mulberry Bush





 Award: Silver Merit
 Designed by: Toby Pritchard (Pre-Registered member)
 Category: APL Avenue
 Title: Harborne Botanics
 Contractor: Creative Roots


: Silver
 Designed by: Martyn Wilson (Pre-Registered member)
 Category: Show Garden Awards
 Title: The Macmillan Legacy Garden
 Contractor: Big Fish Landscapes


RHS Chatsworth Flower Show 2019

 Award: Gold & Best Mindfulness Garden
 Designed by: Rae Wilkinson (Pre-Registered member)
 Category: Mindfulness Gardens
 Title: Space Within
 Contractor: GK Wilson Landscape Services
Sponsors: Harrod Horticultural, London Stone



 Award: Gold & Best Long Border
 Designed by: Victoria Philpott (Student member) 
 Category: Long Borders
 Title: The Bess of Hardwick Border
Sponsor: Shakespeare Martineau 


 Award: Gold
 Designed by: Neil Sutcliffe (Pre-Registered member)
 Category: Mindfulness Gardens
 Title: Eutierria
 Contractor: Creative Roots
 Sponsors: Miles Nurseries, CED 



 Award: Gold
 Designed by: Rachel Bailey (Pre-Registered member) & Nicola Sweeney (Student member)
 Category: Long Borders
 Title: The Healing Power of Scent



 Award: Silver Gilt
 Designed by: Richard Rogers (Pre-Registered member)
 Category: Mindfulness Gardens
 Title: The Thrive Reflective Mind Garden
 Contractor: Xardin Garden Design
Sponsor: To The Fairest


RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019

 Award: Gold & Best Show Garden
 Designed by: Andy Sturgeon FSGD
 Category: Show Gardens
 Title: The M&G Garden
 Contractor: Crocus
 Sponsor: M&G Investments

 Award: Gold & Best Construction Award (Show Garden)
 Designed by: Sarah Eberle FSGD
 Category: Show Gardens
 Title: The Resilience Garden
 Contractor: Crocus
 Sponsors: Gravetye Manor Hotel and Restaurant, Kingscote Estate, Forestry Commission, 
 Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, 
 Scottish Forestry, Scottish Government, Welsh Government 

 Award: Gold, Best Space to Grow Garden & Best Construction Award (Artisan/Space to Grow   Garden)
 Designed by: Joe Perkins MSGD
 Category: Space to Grow Gardens
 Title: Facebook: Beyond the Screen
 Contractor: The Outdoor Room
 Sponsor: Facebook 

 Award: Gold
 Designed by: Jilayne Rickards MSGD
 Category: Space to Grow Gardens
 Title: The CAMFED Garden: Giving Girls In Africa a Space to Grow
 Contractor: Cormac Conway
 Sponsor: The Campaign for Female Education, thanks to the support of a private donor 


 Award: Gold
 Designed by: Sue Hayward (Pre-Registered member)
 Category: Artisan Gardens
 Title: The High Maintenance Garden for Motor Neurone Disease Association
 Contractor: Soar Valley Services Ltd
 Sponsor: Based on an idea by Martin Anderson MBE, founder member of the MND Association 


 Award: Silver Gilt
 Designed by: Jo Thompson MSGD
 Category: Show Gardens
 Title: The Wedgwood Garden
 Contractor: Bespoke Outdoor Spaces
 Sponsor: Wedgwood 


 Award: Silver Gilt
 Designed by: Thomas Hoblyn MSGD
 Category: Show Gardens
 Title: The Dubai Majlis Garden
 Contractor: Landform Consultants Ltd
 Sponsor: Dubai 


 Award: Silver Gilt
 Designed by: Helen Elks-Smith MSGD
 Category: Show Gardens
 Title: Warner's Distillery Garden
 Contractor: Bowles and Wyer
 Sponsor: Warner's Distillery 


 Award: Silver Gilt
 Designed by: Kate Gould MSGD
 Category: Show Gardens
 Title: The Greenfingers Charity Garden
 Contractor: Kate Gould Gardens
 Sponsor: Greenfingers Charity with thanks to a private donor 


 Award: Silver
 Designed by: Jonathan Snow (Pre-Registered member)
 Category: Show Gardens
 Title: The Trailfinders ‘Undiscovered Latin America’ Garden
 Contractor: Stewart Landscape Construction
 Sponsor: Trailfinders 


 Award: Bronze
 Designed by: Andrew Duff MSGD
 Category: Show Gardens
 Title: The Savills and David Harber Garden
 Contractor: Dan Flynn
 Sponsors: David Harber, Savills


RHS Malvern Spring Festival 2019

 Award: Gold & Best Green Living Spaces Garden
 Designed by: Sara Edwards (Student member)
 Category: Green Living Spaces
 Title: Defiance
 Contractor: Design it Landscapes
 Sponsors: The Pot Company, Palms-Exotics Ltd, Photowall Interior Murals 



 Award: Gold
 Designed by: Sebastian Conrad (Student member) in collaboration with Kate Rees
 Category: Show Gardens
 Title: What If In Support of Rees Foundation
 Contractor: Ballingers of Malvern