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Garden Spark Ltd

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Garden Spark Ltd

Affiliate Contact Name: Mark Packham

Garden Spark installs lighting and power in gardens and outdoor spaces. Unlike many other companies offering these services, we specialize solely in the outdoor domain. We have seen plenty of mistakes over the years and made one or two ourselves. Each one has added to our knowledge and improved our processes as we strive to become the most trusted outdoor electrical experts in the land.

We work with clients interested in making the most of their gardens, using well-selected, cleverly positioned, and easily controlled landscape lighting. Often considered the cherry on the cake and complementary to the broader garden design and landscaping effort, lighting provides several key functions.

If you're a landscaper or garden designer, we can help you by providing garden lighting designs free of charge and we can optimize budgets by selecting easy-to-install light fittings that require very little maintenance.

The spaces clients tend to ask for help with include front gardens and driveways, courtyards and back gardens, and larger landscaped and natural open space environments. Independent and at your disposal, our advice and knowledge are unhindered by conflicts of interest. Ready to help you at short notice, we thrive on exceeding your expectations and helping you.

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40 Park Road
Brighton & Hove
East Sussex
United Kingdom

Mobile Phone
07769 636669