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Richard Bloom Photography

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Richard Bloom Photography

Affiliate Contact Name: Richard Bloom

Richard Bloom is an award-winning garden photographer with over 25 year’s experience photographing gardens for many well-known garden designers and landscape architects both in the UK and abroad. His work is widely published in magazines such as Gardens Illustrated and House & Garden.

Coming from a horticultural and fine art background he has a passion for gardens, a good knowledge of plants and appreciation of the art of garden design.

Richard’s approach to photographing gardens is to understand the garden through careful planning, preparation and visiting the garden before the shoot to familiarize himself with the space, considering it from every angle and assessing where the light may fall.

Richard works with natural light to tell the story of the garden and evoke a sense of place by capturing drama, atmosphere and scenes that inspire.

Richard has a relaxed demeanour, is easy to work with and likes to collaborate with designers to produce photographs that reflect their design vision.

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5 Robinsons Mill
Mellis Common
IP23 8DN
United Kingdom

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