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Wienerberger UK Limited

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Wienerberger UK Limited

Affiliate Contact Name: Lisa Wilde

At Wienerberger, our vision is a simple one: to be the most recognised provider of building material solutions in the UK market.

We want to be understood by our customers as focused on creating products, services and solutions that deliver, above all else, a better quality of life.

It’s an ethos that means that we’ve designed our landscape portfolio to enrich the projects and environments they’re used in.

For the past 200 years, we’ve been doing things in our own unique style, by doing so have created a name in the market that is synonymous with quality, expertise and innovation. Our clay pavers are a great example of this; naturally strong and beautiful, they are a product that has been perfected over decades.

Clay pavers are built to retain their colour and beauty, which is why we can guarantee the colour won’t fade for over 100 years, so you can enjoy a product that always looks as good as the day it was laid.

Whether your project is a small driveway or landscape design on a commercial scale, we know you’re going to love paving our way

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Wienerberger House
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Cheadle Royal Business Park
United Kingdom

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