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Apex Tool Solutions Ltd t/a Apex Soil Solutions

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Apex Tool Solutions Ltd t/a Apex Soil Solutions

Affiliate Contact Name: Dylan Griffith-Jones

We were called by a customer to help with his new build garden. Having lived in the house for 2 years had struggled to get the lawn to grow. It had been reseeded, treated with fertiliser & aerated by hand but with no improvement seen & in winter the garden would then become waterlogged.

It was quickly diagnosed as compacted soil. This, in gardens, can hinder the health & productivity of plants, especially grass & particularly in new builds. Compacted soil is soil that has been tightly packed or compressed most likely due to heavy machinery during the build process, persistent footfall or even over watering. Compacted soil can negatively impact its ability to support plant growth due to the lack of water & oxygen present in the soil.

We de-compacted the soil using the Vogt Geo Injector drilling down 1m & injecting 8bar of air into the soil, within this process an addition of enriched biochar is used as a soil improver creating an optimal environment for plant growth.

Benefits of this process are enhanced root growth & respiration, improved soil fertility, better nutrient absorption, increased aeration, and improved drainage.

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