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British Sugar TOPSOIL

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British Sugar TOPSOIL

Affiliate Contact Name: Samantha Hodge

TOPSOIL, a division of British Sugar PLC, is a long-established supplier of high-quality subsoil, topsoil’s and topdressings.

Landscape20 is a multi-purpose topsoil suitable for landscaping projects which is fully-analysed and compliant to BS3882:2015.

With optimum reserves of organic matter and nutrients, HortLoam BS3882:2015 compliant sandy loam is suitable for planting rootball trees, shrub beds, retained planters and vegetable planting projects.

Free Draining Subsoil is suitable for use below the topsoil layer and is designed for use on projects such as lawns and tree pits. It’s also fully analysed and free of contaminants.

Minimum delivery of 20t load or 28 bulk bags.

1 Samson Place
London Road
United Kingdom

Landline Phone
0870 240 2314