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Affiliate Contact Name: Martin Gillingham

Why Choose Outdoor Living from HUUDEN UK?

The demand for unique outdoor living layouts is increasing in both commercial and residential markets. That is why we at HUUDEN have made a series of garden buildings perfect for any outdoor setting.

Our products are inspired by the natural beauty of Estonian woodlands and combine modern and eye-catching designs with Nordic durability. Our aim is to make a comfortable and stylish outdoor space for family, friends, guests, and customers suitable for all seasons and weather.

Whether you are a homeowner or own a pub, hotel, or restaurant, you will want to make the most of your outdoor space. At HUUDEN we have made a range of outdoor products for all types of weather.

Come sun, rain or snow, our garden buildings provide a cosy and comfortable space to relax, chat, eat, and more.

At HUUDEN we offer more than just outdoor buildings. We also offer a range of accessories for our Crown Range. We are also developing more products that will be available soon. We also have a special deal for trade customers with display offers.

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The Gatehouse
1 Riverside Place
United Kingdom

Landline Phone
01206 367444