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Oxley's Furniture Ltd

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Oxley's Furniture Ltd

Affiliate Contact Name: Simon Hudson

Oxley’s make the most sustainable luxury garden furniture you can specify. Our furniture is all made to order so every set we make is made specifically for the place in the garden in which it is to be positioned. It can be made in any colour and with any of the tens of thousands of available outdoor cushion fabrics. Every piece is made from recycled aluminium and is built to last generations. It is also completely recyclable and as a business we will always buy our furniture back from customers so there is no end of life.

Our ambition is to make timeless furniture that will look as good in 50 years time as it does today. Oxley’s furniture comes in eight collections each of which feature the unique properties of sand-casting aluminium. This allows complexity and depth of design which is not possible with other materials. Our Barrington furniture for instance incorporates botanical motifs whilst our scroll collection is based on the complexity of the Celtic carvings.

We work with garden designers on a commission basis, and we have over 30 years’ experience of working with customers and their logistic requirements.

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Oxley's Furniture, Dovedale
Greenway Road,
GL56 9TS
United Kingdom

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