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Readyhedge Ltd

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Readyhedge Ltd

Affiliate Contact Name: Matthew Kemble

Readyhedge is a UK nursery specialising in growing instant hedging in metre long lengths and heights up to 200cm tall. We grow over 40km of hedges in containers every year in over 35 varieties

Readyhedge is an innovative way of supplying hedges which over comes the problem of how many plants do I need, by supplying pre-spaced clipped metre long units of hedging that can be easily handled by one or two people. This means that to order Readyhedge you just need to select a variety, select a height and measure the distance in metres. Planting is just as easy dig a trench as deep as the pot and slightly wider and drop the hedge in job done.

We deliver anywhere in the country and normally turn orders around within 48 hours.

Specialising purely in hedging means that all our hedges are grown with the love and attention that each variety needs.

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Courtgate Nursery
Station Road
WR10 3BB
United Kingdom

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