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Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity Charter


Creating a diverse and inclusive landscape industry

The SGD has joined a number of signatories on a new Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Charter for the Horticulture, Arboriculture, Landscaping & Garden Media profession. The Charter confirms the Society's commitment to breaking down barriers in the industry and increasing access and progression for all.

Darryl Moore, the Council Member for Education, Diversity and Inclusion, who has been working alongside Co-Chair Lynne Marcus MSGD and sister organisations including the RHS, BALI and HTA on the Charter, said: 

"This is a welcome start to creating a diverse and inclusive landscape industry. It is great to see all the major organisations within the sector collaborating, sharing knowledge, experience and resources. Working together is the only way we can ensure that we can address barriers to full participation within our professions in order to reflect the reality of wider society, and to be able to draw on a greater diversity of perspectives, which will surely enhance and enrich our industry. The Charter is the first step in our collective journey towards a more positive and equitable future."


Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Charter

For the Horticulture, Arboriculture, Landscaping & Garden Media profession

Signatories to this Charter confirm their commitment to progress the breaking down of barriers in the industry and increasing access and progression for all.

Current signatories include:

  • SGD Co-Chair Lynne Marcus MSGD
  • SGD Council member Darryl Moore
  • Young People in Horticulture Association
  • British Association of Landscape Industries
  • The Arboricultural Association
  • Landscape Institute
  • Chartered Institute of Horticulture
  • Association of Professional Landscapers
  • Garden Media Guild
  • Horticultural Trades Association
  • Royal Horticultural Society

The Charter

  1. We commit to create an inclusive culture and measure how we engage and improve representation.
  2. Support the development of our industry from an Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion perspective - regardless of area of specialism, through the sharing of work and good practice. 
  3. To recognise and monitor Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion across the industry, using a set format to benchmark performance.
  4. Provide access to resources for educating and upskilling colleagues and members on diversity and inclusion.
  5. Promote the Industry as a fully inclusive and accessible environment with opportunities for lifelong rewarding careers.