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Diversity Survey

The SGD is working collaboratively with BALI, APL, RHS, LI, AA, YPHA, HTA, GMG and other organisations. We believe that working together we are able to effectively pool our resources, talents and influence, in order to work towards a more equitable and welcoming industry. We have established a charter which sets out our ambitions and aims, and are now trying to collect baseline information about our overall industry demographic, so that we are able to monitor our progress.

In order to do this we have created an online questionnaire that we are encouraging members of our organisations to complete. The questionnaire is only 15 quick multiple choice questions and should take no longer than 5 minutes to fill in. It is fully anonymous and based on the type of general information collected in a census.

Click here to take the survey

We are trying to include as many people from all aspects of the industry, not just members of organisations, so please share the link with colleagues, contractors and suppliers.